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FIVE Props you should bring to your Personal Brand Photoshoot....

That you might not thought of. Until now, because I told you to.

Sarah is a business coach and works from home

You've booked your photoshoot and you know you should bring some props, but what???? There are so many things you could bring but I'm going to give you some advice.... don't bring too much. Too many can overwhelm and confuse you (and me) on the day and distract you from what you are really there for.... To have photos taken of you for your business. Props are a compliment don't make your shoot about your props.

When done right props can help you relax (you have something in your hands, hands are the trickiest things to pose in photos) and they also bring personality and fun to your photos. They help your potential customers quickly understand what you are all about which in turn helps them to connect with you. So as you can clearly see, props are important in a Personal Brand Photoshoot so why not give some consideration to what you should bring. Make sure what ever you bring makes sense for your business.

The following images were taken during one photoshoot. For Sarah Luthy who is a Business Coach for female business owners. She's works from home and wanted to create a homely vibe for her photos. As you can see, she nailed it completely.

This list is just to get your mind ticking over and to give you ideas.

You choose what is best for your photoshoot.

Your Mug! (a cup not your head, you'll have to bring that)

It seems obvious but many of my clients forget to bring one. Almost EVERYONE has a favourite mug especially if we work from home. So why not bring it. How does it help connect you to your customers? We connect through common interests, this image shows the viewer that Sarah loves a big cup of *insert drink*, we can relate to that. Instant connection.

TIP: Add personality. Choose a mug with text on it or a colourful pattern.


Your Phone!

So this is obvious and it would be weird if you didn't bring your phone. What would you do if your car broke down on the way to your photoshoot? haha

It's what you can do with your phone that is awesome. It's a fun prop you can edit later to put what ever message you want on it. It's especially good for Instagram Feeds!

TIP: Give your phone a good clean and put a pretty cover on it to match your branding colours.


Your tool of trade!

Sarah has a podcast so it made sense she brought her cute little microphone along. It just makes sense and adds a behind the scenes feel to your images. What's your tool of trade?

TIP: A tool of trade could be a laptop, a camera, a hat, a notepad. Anything that you use on a regular basis to do your job.


Celebration Props!

This is a fun one! Are you celebrating a new website (most of my clients are building a new website when they hire me) or new business? Sarah was kind enough to bring along jumbo sized confetti so it was easier to pick up afterwards. haha.

TIP: Champagne is always a good idea. Just sayin.



Yes yes and yes!!!! Bring them along if you can. They are part of your life and family. So many of us get through the day working from home with the help and constant (some times annoying) support of our little fur babies. Most people have pets so why not try to connect with your customers through the love of animals. Because animal/dog people are the best.

TIP: Bring someone along with you at the start of the session who can take your dog home so you can continue without distractions.


Make it authentic and you'll capture interest !

Choosing props that don't mean anything to your customers will confuse them. If you are not sure don't bring it. If it's something you use everyday in your business bring it.

Have fun with your props and the photos will look amazing!

Thanks for reading I hope this has helped a little.


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