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Professional Linkedin Profile Photo - do you need one?

Does a good photo matter for Linkedin?

Think of your profile photo (that goes for your website, Instagram, Linkedin or Facebook) as your "digital" first impression. If your headshot is professional people will naturally assume you are a professional person and will be more inclined to keep scrolling. On the other hand, having no image can be discouraging and even a turnoff. Let's face it, we all want to connect to another human and the best way we can do that online is with really good photos of ourself. What we are doing is sending the right message to our potential clients that we are professional and approachable.

So lets talk about how to get a good headshot...

6 tips for taking professional headshots

#1 Good light = good photo

For obvious reasons it's wise to look for good lighting for your profile photo. Try standing close to a window or go outside and stand under a tree in full shade (choose a time of day that the sun isn't above you or streaming through the window - we want soft diffused light not harsh and contrasty).


#2 Clients want to see your face!

With profile photos you really do want a "headshot". That is, an image of your face that is close enough we can see who you are.

I.e. if we meet you face to face we should be able to recognise you from your profile photo!

It's a small box so fill it up with your face. Simple.


#3 Use a neutral uncluttered background

Profile photos should be all about you and not what is behind you or beside you. So get rid of the clutter in the background, stand in front of a white wall or hang a white sheet behind you. A good portrait is all about what you eliminate from your photo not just what is in it.

I can recommend a couple of lovely studios in Brisbane for your photoshoot!


#4 Think about your outfit

Linkedin is about connecting with other professionals so we need to come across professional. Of course that's obvious.

But you do not need to wear a three piece suit to look professional.

My advice is to wear what you would to a client meeting. I have a 'Style Guide' I can send you to help you prepare your outfits for your photoshoot.


#5 Don't hide behind filters

Filters really do look cheap and like you are trying to hide something. Keep your edits nice and clean and honest. All of my images are minimally edited and no photoshop because I love the simplicity of a really good portrait.


#6 Please Please Please upload the right resolution

Nothing worse than seeing a professional image that is blurry or pixel-y. It's such a crying shame! :(

Linkedin profile photo size is 400 x 400 pixels with a max of 8MB so make sure you upload the correct size.

It's all about first impressions after all.

Make a professional impression on LinkedIn

I hope these tips have helped you to make a great first impression on Linkedin or any other social media platform. If you are wanting to update your old profile photos please check out my Services and get in touch.


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