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What to wear at your Headshot Session?

Hey! Your employer wants some new headshots taken. The first thing that pops in your mind is EEEEK and then second is What Do I Wear? First of all, don't stress I have got you. I will help you relax and feel great on the day. Second of all, here are some tips to help you prepare for your photos:

  • Personally, I feel it is a good idea to FIRST ask your manager what they feel is best for company headshots. Ask whether they are going for a corporate look or a more casual relaxed look. Get their thoughts first and then start planning.

  • For a corporate headshot wear clothes that you would wear to an important meeting or to an interview.

  • For a more casual headshot wear clothes that you would wear to meet a client or a colleague.

  • Wear comfortable clothing if you are wearing something that doesn't fit properly you won't be able to relax.

  • If your company usually wears a uniform, ask your manager if they expect you to wear it.

  • If you wear glasses 100% of the time - wear them. But if it is possible to wear contacts on the day, it is a lot easier to photograph you without them on. Keep in mind transition lenses can be a nightmare when photographing outside.


  • For corporate headshots, keep your earrings and necklaces small and discrete (unless you are an earring designer then go for it!).

  • Avoid sleeveless tops unless you are wearing a layer on top.

  • Have fun with your jacket, add some colour. For a casual look pop a t-shirt underneath for a corporate look add a blouse.

  • Neutral or gentle colours are more flattering and less distracting than bright colours.

  • BLACK is a difficult colour to photograph because it is shapeless. I understand most of us love black because it's easy. If you do wear black please make sure your outfit fits you really well.

  • Patterns are tricky but not terrible. For a more casual look I would choose a patterned jacket or skirt and break it up with a block colour top for example.


  • For corporate headshots a shirt and blazer is a great option.

  • Pale coloured shirts (light blue, white etc) work well, and are flattering.

  • Wear a tie if you usually wear one to work, but it isn't necessary. If you are unsure ask your manager. Leaving the tie off makes for a more relaxed and contemporary headshot.

  • Some will say that patterns are distracting, but I think they add personality. It is all about balance and colour. Choose a patterned jacket and pop a block colour underneath, have some fun. (See above image of Yani the architect for example).

  • Re BLACK.... see comments above.



I always recommend a Professional Makeup Artist, but it is not always an option for my clients. So if possible, please try and follow the tips below to get the most out of your photos.



Choose light coverage foundation to avoid the "cakey" look.

Don't - use shimmer or shiney makeup!

Use concealer for trouble spots, not more foundation.

Don't - contour too much, keep it subtle and natural.

Setting powder is great, not too much - a little goes a long way.

D​on't - use fake tan. It looks orange in digital photos. If you HAVE to have a tan, please keep it light and no streaks.

Blush is best! Choose natural shades like rose, pale pink, apricot or peach.

Choose natural lip colour unless it's part of your brand. If you don't usually wear lipstick wear a gloss. Dry lips are not flattering in photos.


I always recommend a Professional Hairdresser, but it is not always an option for my clients. So if possible, please try and follow the tips below to get the most out of your photos.



Get your hair cut/coloured before your photoshoot. One - two weeks before is recommended

Don't - get your hair done the day before the shoot.

Bring a comb / brush with you, to keep those flyaways under control

Don't - try a completely new hairstyle for your photoshoot.

Wash your hair the day before the shoot.

Add some bounce and smoothness with a curling wand.

Dry shampoo is a great way to freshen up your hair and add some volume.


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