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Hey my name is Britt

I am an ENFP, coffee loving, prosecco drinking, holiday planning, nature loving DOG OBSESSED portrait photographer! I live in Brisbane with my hubby Mr Spring who also loves all of those things except for the Prosecco which is pretty much why I married him (don't tell him that).​​  

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Why I do what I do

​Most of my clients are female small business owners like myself.  You all have a story to tell, why you chose the career you did and how your life experiences lead you here.  Your business is your passion and you want your photos to reflect that.  As they should!

I am passionate about helping women feel their most beautiful.  I am 50.  I know how weird it can be in front of the camera.  But when it comes to business your clients do NOT care how old you are they just want to see a friendly face behind the brand.  That's the awesome thing about personal branding.


I  absolutely thrive on connecting with people. Strangers often tell me they feel like they've known me forever.  This makes me so happy because it's my goal when we meet for our photoshoot that you feel comfortable enough to be yourself.  I want you to enjoy the process and your images to look amazing!  

If you think we might be a good fit please get in touch and lets create some beautiful portraits for your business.



just be  you,   that's   totally  enough

Things about me


Number of years I lived in London


Cups of coffee I drink daily


Year I started photography as a full time business

Behind the scenes with Britt

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I love  these

Pilates (it's love hate)

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