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Brisbane Personal Brand Photographer at your service!

Are you looking for some new photography for your website, Instagram, Linkedin or Facebook? Have you done some googling and only found boring awkward photography? Is that why you are currently looking at my Blog? So happy to have you here thanks so much for reading this post.

Why do I LOVE personal brand photography? Because it literally helps you stand out from the boring crowd! While others are using and relying on boring stock photography YOU can be grabbing their clients attention with real photos of you and your staff looking professional and amazing. Don't get me wrong, stock photography was great for 10+ years and really easy but with pretty much everyone having beautiful websites our customers are wanting more from us. They are wanting a connection and to feel trust. And fair enough! When I purchase something online I want to know 1) that I am supporting a local business and 2) that I am buying from a real person, someone trustworthy and relatable. So how do you do that? With real professional photos of you and your team looking relatable and friendly. It's so simple!

Wanna know the key to absolutely beautiful headshots and personal branding photos? Ok I'll let you in on a secret. It's really easy.

All of my beautiful clients below (see gallery) Followed my advice and did the following.

  1. They booked me! They checked out my website they knew what style I offered and they loved it. It's important that you love the style of your photographer and that you have done your research before booking.

  2. They booked in Hair and Makeup straight away. If you are considering not having your hair and makeup done ask yourself often do you have your portraits taken for your business? Once in a long while right! So why not look amazing and feel a million bucks for your photoshoot? Let someone professional help you to do that and I promise you your photos will shine.

  3. They filled out my questionnaire and we chatted on the phone about what location would be best suited for them. Some chose outdoors and some chose a gorgeous little studio in Bardon called Heart Centred Creative Studio.

  4. They brought along a 'shot list' (a list of photos they needed for their website) and Pinterest Board to refer to for inspiration. And multiple outfits.

Preparation is all your need to have the beautiful photos my clients have on their website. I can help you with that so don't you worry!

Personal Brand Photography and Professional Headshots need to stand out from the competition, you have one shot to grab your customers attention and show yourself as professional and contemporary. Do it with REAL, gorgeous, natural light, professional photography.

Hope this has helped! I am always here if you need to drop me an email.

Thanks for reading

Britt :)

Britt Spring Photography is a Brisbane based headshot and personal brand photographer. Britt specialises in natural bright and happy portraits of you for your business, website and social media.


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