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You CAN Be Comfortable In Front Of The Camera

Who feels like they are just not photogenic enough? Hands up...

Yep me too.

Look I really do wish I had a dollar for every time someone said that to me. Wow I'd be rich, ok not rich. Put it this way, I'd be able to buy a free coffee every few days and in some ways that is rich because coffee is not cheap anymore. I digress.

I used to worry about the fact that I'm, you know, "average" looking (haha how do you describe yourself? It's impossible. I'm no model, that's what I'm trying to say) and mature of age. But I have also learnt over the years, and especially now doing Personal Branding Photography, that your potential customers LOVE seeing photos of the person they are about to work with / spend money on. And fair enough. Honestly they don't care what you look like, they just want to see a lovely smiley trustworthy face.

Since I put photos up of myself on my website I get the nicest feedback. My clients tell me they have read through my whole website word for word! They are intrigued and drawn in by seeing real photos and reading real heartfelt words. It's powerful stuff.

I think we are all a bit tired of seeing stock photos on websites aren't we. I certainly am. We want REAL PEOPLE! So take advantage of that, put aside your fears and remember why you are doing this.

Some of my shy clients who absolutely nailed their session.

Here are some tips to help you relax a bit before your photoshoot. Maybe see things from a different perspective if you are getting a little bit stressed at the idea of having your photo taken. These things will help, I know because my clients have told me that they have.

Preparation Is Key

Preparation helps us to be more relaxed in literally everything in life. It is no different with getting your photos taken. I have a questionnaire and Style Guide that I will send you after you book me. These tools help me to understand what you need and they also help you to decide what you want out of the session.

Here are some handy Blog Posts I have written to help my clients prepare:

5 Must Have Photos For Your Personal Brand Photoshoot

My Favourite Natural Light Studio in Brisbane

Hair & Makeup

This really should be top of the list for sure. It's a guarantee that you'll feel and look amazing so why would you not do it? Honestly I feel that your photos are only as good as your photographer and your Hair and Makeup. That's how important it is. When I recommend Hair and Makeup to you I am recommending talented and lovely people. They will help you relax and they will make you look gorgeous. That's my promise to you!

My favourites of all time are:

Get To Know Your Photographer

The best way to get to know a business is through their portfolio and their reviews. Does their product match with the experience? It's not just about the photos at the end of the day. You want to know if this person has a good work ethic and they will look after you from beginning to end. Here are links to my Portfolio Pages and Google Reviews.

"I can't recommend Britt highly enough. I was so nervous about doing these photos, but she made me feel really comfortable and made it fun. She suggested a great studio, that gave the photos a brilliant look and feel. She is outstanding, and I think the end photos speaks for themselves - not just another boring headshot"
- Tim, The Numbers Guy

Remember Why You Are Doing This

Rather than focus on how awkward it could be, think about the reasons why you are doing this in the first place. Your potential customers want to see who you are, they want to relate to a real person not stock photos. Put yourself in their shoes, if you were about to spend some money on a big purchase and you had the choice of someone who showed real photos of themself on their website or someone who used stock photos, which one would you choose? I know who I would choose, the real person with the real face.

I Got You

I understand the stresses around this subject so please feel free to share how you are feeling with me so I can help the nerves. What I find useful is a phone chat before the day, so when you turn up to the photoshoot we are already aquainted. Felling comfortable having your photo taken has nothing to do with how you look and all to do with being prepared and your mindset. Leave the rest to me.

Hope this has helped you my friends!



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