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My Favourite Natural Light Studio In Brisbane (& why I love it)

Every photographer has their favourite place to shoot. I want to share mine with you because it's such an awesome location for headshots or personal brand photography and it's only 15 minutes from Brisbane CBD. Win and win!

Let me count the ways of how much I love Heart Centred Creative studio...

  • Firstly it's beautiful

  • It's close to the city (approx 15 mins)

  • FILLED with natural light

  • Has it's very own 'in-house' amazing makeup artist!

  • It is very affordable to hire

  • It has multiple spaces with white and soft pink walls

  • We can use outside of the studio

  • Some pretty props are included to use in your photos

  • Parking out the front of the studio

  • You can book directly through their website or me

  • Do I need to go on? Don't even think about it this space is a perfect neutral backdrop for any business related photos.

Here are some lovely images of the studio and my clients portraits taken at the studio.

Britt is a professional photographer based in Brisbane. She specialises in business photography including personal branding and headshots.


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