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How to dress for your Headshot Photoshoot

6 Tips to dressing for your photoshoot

Some of my favourite outfits my clients chose for their photoshoot at Heart Centred Creative, Brisbane.

Choosing what to wear to your headshot session can be really daunting! It's your one chance to get it right. I mean how often do you actually book a professional photographer to take your business portraits? Maybe this is your first time.

Please don't worry. I have got you! There is no need to get stressed or overly concerned about outfits. With some prior thought and planning you can choose something really lovely for your photoshoot. Now here are some of my tips for choosing the right outfit.

Tip #1 - Avoid Black

"I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour" - Wednesday Adams

I think many of us can relate to Wednesday's sentiments. Black is a great colour in general and it's safe. But we don't want to play it safe for your headshots. In one photo you want to stand out, look professional and show personality. The best way to do this is with your clothing and colour choices. So don't be afraid of colour, embrace it and let your personality shine!

The only reason I'd say yes to Black is if it's your Brand colour (like Wednesday Adams!).

Tip #2 - Avoid distracting patterns

Large patterns and bold stripes will distract the eye away from the most important part of the photo: you! The key here is to keep things simple so that the attention is on you and not on what you're wearing. Saying that a simple pattern or small stripe can be fun and show some personality so without confusing you completely hehe use your judgement wisely when it comes to patterns. (see photos above for examples)

Tip #3 - Show personality

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken" - Oscar Wilde

Never has a truer word been spoken (except for what Wednesday said). Don't be afraid to just be yourself! I don't know about you but im tired of the booorrrriiinnnggg stuffy headshots I see on peoples websites. Gah. You don't need to wear a suit to look professional. Take the jacket off, wear a pretty blouse, add some colour. You have milliseconds to grab your potential customers attention so make your time count!

Tip #4 - Think about your Branding colours

There are some restrictions when it comes to colour. For example if your brand colour is Burgundy I probably wouldn't wear Beige (ewwwww). Or don't mix cool and warm colours together. That sort of thing. Don't over think it though. Take your branding colours with you while shopping for outfits and make sure they compliment (not match) each other.

Tip #5 - Less is more

With my headshot sessions I always recommend bringing extra outfits because it's nice to have multiple photos with you wearing different outfits. It means you get a lot more out of your photos. Saying that, please don't bring too many outfits. Headshot Sessions generally go for 1 hour, sometimes 45 minutes (Express Headshot Sessions) we really don't want you (and me) overwhelmed with outfit choices and we loose time. Can you tell I've done this before?

Tip #6 - Have fun

Yes please have fun! Don't rely on the old faithful black suit. Headshots are something we don't do very often. So put some thought into it, have some fun with colour. If you feel you need some help my friend Kate Hammond (Personal Stylist) is WONDERFUL and can help you with styling your outfits, and be there at your session if you wish, taking the stress out of the decision making. WIN WIN WINNNNNN

Headshots don't need to be boring

I think that heading sums up this post. Lets say "yuk" to the boring stuffy headshots and "YES" to the fun, colourful and full of personality headshots!!!!


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