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My Favourite Portrait! (August)

Ok these are not just headshots or personal branding images. They are portraits of people I have shot over my career for different reasons. Because I am really a portrait photographer and that's what I absolutely love. People. Whether you are sitting behind a desk, on a city street, in the long grass outdoors my goal is to produce an image of you that shows who you are. Sometimes I even surprise myself with the images we produce together, like the image below.

Here is my favroutie image of the month and I hope you love it too.

Introducing Eve and Isla

The particulars:

Who: Eve and Isla's parents booked me for a family photoshoot session in a studio recently.

Why: To document the arrival of a new baby.

Where: Heart Centred Creative Studio - Bardon

When: 2023

Why do I love this portrait so much?

So when I turned up for this photoshoot I was obviously really taken with these two gorgeous girls. They were perfect in every way. I'm not just talking about how they look, they were beautiful, calm, polite, sweet girls. It was an absolute delight taking their portraits, along with their family. But what I particularly love about this image is that I can tell the two apart. It took me a while, honestly they look SO similar don't they. Isla always smiled in the photos, actually it was really hard for her not to whereas Eve nailed the no smile, it just came natural to her. I could see it in every single photo while I was editing the photos. Blew me away how different they were but on the day I was frazzled trying to remember who was who. It didn't help that they wore the same clothes! haha. Hope you love this shot as much as me. Bx

ps. Can you spot the difference?

pps. You can see more of my family photography over at Britt Spring Photography


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