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5 Ways To Use Your Photos

So you've had a photoshoot and you put your favourite image on your "About Me" page on your website. But... what are you doing with the rest of your photos? If you are unsure please have a read of this short blog post and hopefully it will inspire you to use your images more effectively.

One thing that makes me get all teary is when I see my clients aren't using their images to the full. It breaks my heart! I hope that this inspires you to dig out your gorgeous headshots or personal brand images and start using them again.

1. Front Page Of Your Website

One of the first things we do is update our "About Me" image. Of course it's a no brainer. What occurred to me when I was updating my website was that if your visitor / potential customer doesn't click on that particular page they will not have seen your gorgeous face and that means a missed opportunity to connect to the person behind the brand (aka you & me). It's daunting I know but just remember that the goal of websites is to create connection with our customers. The absolute best way you can do that is through professional portraits of you. You'll thank me later.

2. Linkedin Profile Photo

Don't forget Linkedin. Even if you don't use it as much as Instagram or Facebook, if you have an account make sure you update your profile shot. It shows your professionalism and consistency across all of your accounts.

3. Email Signature

We sometimes forget about our poor email! In this day and age we can't afford to have a boring signature with no links. We want to show our customers that our brand image matters. Make sure your signature is dynamic and links your customer to your website / social media accounts.

4. Business Cards

I don't know about you but I meet a lot of people. The first thing I do is save my clients image in my database so that I remember the face that goes with the name. Putting your face on your business card helps your customer to remember you a lot better. Who are they going to remember, the person whose card had a picture of a flower on it or the card with a smiling face???? It's obvious. (The face)

5. e-Newsletter

Building and maintaining relationships with our customers is very important. Many business utilise news letters with email. Regular newsletters are a way to keep in touch with our past clients and help them to remember us... for future needs. Make sure you add a few of your favourite images on the newsletter!


Has this little blog chat helped you? I really hope so.

I know that you have invested time and money in these images so it's important to me that you are using them in a way that helps you in your business.

I love and use CANVA a lot for my business. I couldn't do half of what I do without it. If you need help with designs I can't recommend them enough.


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