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Headshots for Gott Realty - Brisbane

Introducing Steve & Susan, the realestate team at Gott Realty in Brisbane

Steve and Susan joined my Mini Headshot day where you had 45 minutes with me at the lovely Heart Centred Creative Studio in Bardon.

Steve and Susan hadn't had their headshots taken in a while. There was nothing wrong with their old headshots but they were definitely dated and not in line with their new branding. So they got in touch with me and asked for some relaxed, natural, unposed, fresh headshots / personal branding style portraits for their website, instagram and linkedin profiles. They particularly wanted to look approachable and friendly but not in a cheesy way. I think they nailed it.

They hired the gorgeous natural light studio in Bardon Heart Centred Creative and it was the perfect backdrop for their headshots!

So happy how these turned out!


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