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Personal Brand Session with a Brisbane Emergency Nurse

Photographer: Branding By Britt

Client: Anna Ballantyne, a Brisbane Emergency Nurse and public speaker.

Location: My fave natural light studio, Heart Centred Creative, Bardon

Makeup: The Eco Makeup Bar, Bardon

Personal Stylist: Kate Hammond

Photoshoot Objective

Anna is called upon to provide professional headshots and personal brand images for public speaking events. She has such a broad range of skills and experience that she needed images that would cover all aspects of her career.

Personal Brand Photoshoot Process

Anna decided she needed all of the help! So she took advantage of my "Complete Package" , it includes hair, makeup, personal stylist, studio and me of course. This package is 3 full hours, so you have plenty of time with no rushing to get the shots you need. Just chill and lots of laughs as you can see in the images below.

Having Kate the personal stylist was pure gold, she was the one who got most of the laughs out of Anna as you can see below, that's because she is just an awesome funny human! Hire her now.

The Results of the Photoshoot

Anna nailed her photoshoot. She was so prepared with the help of Kate for the day. She knew what she wanted and she briefed us perfectly. I am so happy with these images! I know she is too. Who wouldn't want images like these to forward on to a client???

This is how I imagine her program would look like!

And here are the results of preparation and lots of fun...

Britt is a headshot and personal branding photographer based in Brisbane. She also has a website dedicated to family portraiture.


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