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Too nervous to have your headshots taken?

Don't be!

I had a lovely client ask me last week. Do I get clients that are not nervous?

My honest answer was NO and I want my clients a little nervous. A little more on that later.

1. It’s daunting having your photo taken by a stranger.

2. It’s an investment and you want them to turn out really good.

3. We feel like we are not photogenic. For what ever reason.

All of these are very understandable and I’ve felt the same way when I have had to have my photo taken.

This video is to really reassure you that I take all of this into consideration when you get in touch and when we meet. I am not oblivious to the fact you might find this process difficult. So I try to prepare you as much as possible to alleviate some of those nerves. On the day I do my best to help you relax, it can feel like two friends hanging out for the morning but one of them has a camera.

It does work, my clients have told me that.

So please feel free to read one of my latest articles “You can be comfortable in front of the camera” it’s on my Blog, I hope it helps and you feel more confident in me and your nerves don’t hold you back from updating your business portraits.

Don't be afraid of nerves

Nerves are not always bad. I get some of my absolute favourite shots when my clients laugh out of nervousness. It's brilliant. Go with the nerves and put your trust in me, I have got you.


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