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Professional Photography For Your Business

Does your business need professional photos?

There are so many things as business owners we need to think about and prioritise. It is expensive running your own business, I know.

What does your photography say about your business? Is your website filled with stock photos? Bad photos? Selfies? Old photos?

Why does your business need professional photography?

Stand out from the crowd

With SO MANY businesses online and killing it with their SEO and Marketing we need stand out or we may just fall behind. How do we do that? With our photography. It can either make or break our clients experience on our website or social media page.

Lets leave a great impression. Which leads to my next point...

First Impressions Count

When our potential clients click on our website they want to be wow'd. They want to feel safe and secure and they are looking to connect. They want to connect to real people, we all do, it's human nature. We connect to someone, then we feel more secure and then we purchase from them.

Good, contemporary and professional photography says "I am proud of my business and I know what I am doing".

What do your current website photos say about your business?

"A high-quality profile picture leaves a great first impression. If you are trying to build your personal brand online, you cannot do without one. A good photo helps you stick out from the crowd.It puts your sparkling personality out there for the world to see and shows people that you take pride in yourself.." – LinkedIn

Milliseconds to make an impression

"It takes 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion of your (web)site. That's 0.05 seconds. The blink of an eye, a snap of the fingers." Fast Spring

Have you ever been looking to buy something online and you open a page and the website is hideous, you instantly close that page down and continue looking elsewhere. The crazy thing is that company might of been the absolute best at what they do but because we are visual creature and quick to judge we don't give them more than 50 milliseconds of a chance. What a shame!

Use your milliseconds wisely. Invest in eye catching, scroll stopping images on your website.

There is good news

Our appearance. How is that good news? It's something we worry about and maybe it's why we are putting off headshots or personal brand photography? YES we are judged by how we look. But I don't mean we need to wear designer clothing (unless you are a dress designer of course haha) or be a certain size or for that matter age. Those things do not matter when it comes to our business. Our customers, honestly, just want us to show up. They want a real face, real person, someone that shows personality and is relatable. The good news is, we all can do that!!! There is only ONE YOU how bloody wonderful. You don't have to be anyone else but you and your customers will love it.

So does your business need professional photography?

I am a photographer so yes I am biased. But I've seen the transformation my clients have gone through having gorgeous business portraits taken. Their websites are incredible and stand out from the boring crowd. Their social media feeds are stunning and show personality. It's easier than you think and more affordable than you think. Get in touch and lets create some scroll stopping content for your website and social media!!!

Britt :)


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