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Express Headshot Sessions - what you can achieve in 45 minutes

Here is what Alaska did with her beautiful photos..

You wouldn't think 45 minutes was long enough to take some beautiful relaxed headshots or business portraits. But you see when you have a lovely studio at your disposal, away from the elements of heat, rain, cold or wind, it's a lot easier! Not to mention it is a neutral, uncluttered backdrop for just about anyones headshots. Not many of us have a space that is clean and photography worthy.... I sure don't. I have a normal office that is a bit messy and also doubles as a guest room haha, as I said it's normal. But I would not want my headshots or personal brand photos taken in there. That's why studios (especially natural light ones) are so wonderful!

This is Alaskah and she is a photographer based here in Brisbane. She needed headshots and personal brand style portraits for her new website and social media. She was also on a budget so these sessions really appealed to her. They are a good bang for your buck. You see when you book a express headshot session you get the studio completely free, it is usually an extra $300! But because I can squeeze in 5 sessions in 1 day I can give it to you a little cheaper. So it really is a great option for those who need some lovely light, bright, cheerful headshots.

If you have any questions please send me a message. Or click here for more info and session dates.

In the meantime here are the results from Alaskahs 45 minutes session with me, complete with THREE different outfit changes! She was so organised on the day we had a lot of fun, as you can see.

What is included in an express headshot session?

COST $400

- 45 Minute Photography time with Britt

- 5 Digital images of your choice

- Add 3 free digitals if you are a returning client!

- Full access to Heart Centred Creative Studio in Bardon (Usually $300 extra)

- Gallery delivered within 2 weeks

- All images *edited by Britt in her personal style (see portfolio)

- Access to Britt's Style Guide to help you prepare

- The option to purchase extra digitals

- Full commercial rights to your images

* Photoshop is not included in the editing process

* Hair and makeup is not included (please ask for recommendations)

Hope to see you at my next session!



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