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My Favourite Portrait! (July)

Ok these are not just headshots or personal branding images. They are portraits of people I have shot over my career for different reasons. Because I am really a portrait photographer and that's what I absolutely love. People. Whether you are sitting behind a desk, on a city street, in the long grass outdoors my goal is to produce an image of you that shows who you are. Sometimes I even surprise myself with the images we produce together, like the image below.

Here is my favroutie image of the month and I hope you love it too.

Introducing Anna from Care Strategic

The particulars:

Who: Anna is an emergency nurse specialist who teaches and speaks in the corporate and academic world. She has also an inventor! Yep she' amazing.

Why: Anna has a lot of experience in her field and gets called on regularly to speak publicly. She realised that she didn't have any professional photos of herself to forward on to the organisers. So we got together for a 3 hour session, so she could relax and enjoy the process, and created some really gorgeous portraits for her to use just about anywhere.

Where: Heart Centred Creative Studio - Bardon

When: 2023

Why do I love this portrait so much?

Drew Barrymore sums up how I feel when I look at this image.

Honestly I think it's the genuineness of the expression. It's not always easy to get these kinds of reactions during a photoshoot. It is naturally daunting for us all. Can you believe this was the first shot of the day! Before Kate the Personal Stylist turned up. It just got better and better from there. I always tell my clients to embrace the awkwardness because it's where the smiles and giggles happen. Thanks Anna what a brilliant day this was! x


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