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Brisbane Based Headshots Photographer

Portrait of photographer Britt of Branding By Britt based in Brisbane
Britt, the photographer at Branding By Britt.

It's just polite to introduce yourself don't you think?

Who is Britt? The honest truth

If I had to sum myself up in a nutshell it would be in bullet point form:

  • Born in Sydney grew up in Logan Brisbane (Why? I don't know)

  • Lived in London for 10 years and Melbourne for 7

  • Mainly a bogan, in the down to earth sense and am totally ok with it

  • Loves people and especially meeting new people

  • Fairly well travelled haha, what ever that means. I've been to some places outside of Australia

  • Married to Mr Spring since 1994!!!!! Best decision ever made in the history of decision making

  • I love animals and especially my blind dog George (waaaah)

  • Started my photography business full time in 2009. Never looked back.

What I do

I am a photographer of people (don't ask me to photograph the moon I don't know how to). I specialise in Business Headshots and Personal Branding style images. Not your usual boring headshots that's for sure. Yuk. I want to help you relax and bring out your personality! That's my goal during a photoshoot.

How I can help you with your Headshots

I help you to create beautiful stand-out-from-the-boring-crowd images for your website, social media, print or what ever it is you need. I can recommend studios for your photoshoot, really amazing makeup artists and hair stylists. I can help you prepare for your photoshoot with tips on outfits and props too. What ever you need I am here to support and guide you and to most importantly get the most out of your session.

Some of my most favourite Headshots & Personal Brand images to date and why

I have had some AMAZING clients honestly. What makes them amazing? They took my advice, prepared well and turned up with a great attitude. This is KEY to getting the most from your session. Don't over think it, don't get super nervous, just leave all that up to me. Here are some of my all time favourite personal brand or headshot images taken here in Brisbane. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading. Britt x


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