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Brisbane Powerhouse For Headshots - Why I Love it.

As a Personal Branding and Headshot Photographer I get to use and see a lot of different locations around Brisbane. I do have my faves like any photographer does.

The Powerhouse in New Farm is one of those and here is why.

Location and Parking

Boring but important....It is 10 minutes from Brisbane CBD so nice and close for everyone. The parking situation is pretty good for a central location, there is paid parking on site or there is also 2 hour parking in New Farm Park.

It's All About The Light

No matter where a photographer decides to shoot it is ALL ABOUT THE LIGHT. Before our photoshoot together I will suggest what time is best to meet. Shooting outside is awesome but we are at the mercy of the harsh Brisbane sun so a time of day when there is more useable shade is best. Saying that, the Powerhouse is a good sized building so we had no problem finding spots to shoot in the shade.

All Of The Backgrounds

Photographers first think about light and then they think about the background. They are the two key aspects to really good images. The Powerhouse isn't a huge building but it is old and unique so it has plenty of backdrops to choose from. Different backgrounds mean you have more to choose from and your images don't all look the same. There is enough interesting backgrounds at the Powerhouse to keep us busy in an hour. It sums up why it is an excellent location for Headshots.

Bonus Green Space

The Powerhouse is surrounded by New Farm Park and the Brisbane River (most underrated river in Australia and I don't know why). This makes the Powerhouse a perfect location for me, the idea is to take as many different portraits in different locations so that you have a varied amount of images to choose from. It has so much green space, the beautiful Brisbane river, interesting brick walls (with and without graffiti) and gorgeous coffee shop, it literally has it all.

Coffee Shop Props

The Powerhouse also has a gorgeous coffee shop underneath and in front of the river. Utilising the coffee shop and tables is a great way to incorporate some Personal Branding style images during your shoot. It always helps to have props with you like a laptop or notepad, we can order a coffee or pour a glass of water and the results are amazing!

Should You Choose The Powerhouse For Your Headshots?

You should if you want these things:

  • Interesting backgrounds

  • Good light

  • Outdoor feel

  • Greenery included

  • Relaxed settling

  • Can't afford a studio or don't like the look of studio photos

  • A location that is easy to get to and park at

  • Natural and relaxed headshots

  • Close to Brisbane CBD

  • If you like more of an Urban feel in your photos

  • Don't need too many images (I would recommend a 1 hour session here only)

Hope this Blog Post has helped you!!! Always up for trying new locations of course but love to share spaces that I think are great. Thanks for reading. Bx


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