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Should you hire a studio for your Personal Branding or Headshot Photography Session?

I get this question a lot. It's fair enough really, it's a big decision especially if you are rebranding or building a new website. SO MANY DECISIONS! But it doesn't have to be that hard it really comes down to what suits your brand. As you can see below, this is Sarah Luthy she is a business coach and also runs her own floral design business. She has many hats! She needed a neutral well lit background for her photos that showed her creating and also working. That's why we used Heart Centred Creative Studio for her Personal Branding Photos. Check out her websites they look amazing! Here is her floral website both shoots were done at Heart Centred Creative Studio.

Hiring a studio does have it's advantages. If it's raining or changeable weather it doesn't matter, if it's really hot (like summer in Brisbane!!!) we are in aircon. There are no distractions from workmates or children (if you work from home). The space is clean and tidy - the perfect backdrop for photos. It's a very relaxed environment and when you bring your props it can truely look like your own space in the photos.

Saying that, offices/in doors doesn't make sense for everyone.

Here we have Krystal from Flourished Soul Healing! She is a Holistic Healer here in Brisbane. A neutral office backdrop was not going to cut it for her new website and social media. So we met at a beautiful location just outside of Brisbane. The outcome was amazing and perfectly suits Krystal and her brand.

If you are lucky enough to have a beautifully appointed office then maybe that is the option for you. But I have found most people have 'normal' looking offices that are a bit messy and not like a Pinterest Board haha. This is the GORGEOUS Patricia from Silver Thimble Couture she has a lovely little studio under her house with good lighting. She adores all things vintage so her room was full of very interesting things that we could include in the frame which added to her story and brand. It made sense that we used her space because it was tidy, had tonnes of character and we had easy access to her sewing machines.

Here is Davina from Davina Lee Branding + Digital Marketing being a brand expert she knew EXACTLY what she wanted from her photos. And that was: city, outdoor, natural light, neutral background and if we could find a hint of pink that would be awesome. We hung around Anzac Square in Brisbane CBD and it was the absolute perfect location for her! She wanted to appeal to her city customers and show some personality. Perfect for Davina.

It is totally up to you whether you choose a neutral studio, your own office or a pretty out door location. Have a think about your brand and what makes sense for you. I'm always here to help so feel free to drop me an email and we can start planning your awesome personal branding photos!!!

Britt :)


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