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Three Simple Headshot Posing Tips For Men

Do men and women pose differently for Headshots? Yes and No. As you can see below I am showing you how to pose in these different photos - for men. But honestly, I don't hate the poses at all. But as a general rule women are posed to show their curves and body shape. Men on the other hand are usually photographed straight on with emphasis on their broad shoulders. My goal with this very brief and short guide is to show how simple it is to pose for a headshot. Just keep these three things in mind and you will be fine. Don't over think it and I promise not to over pose you. Look forward to taking your portraits!


posing guide for men, simple posing tips for mens headshots

Hope you enjoy this very simple guide to mens posing tips

very simple posing guide for mens headshots

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taken by branding by Britt. brisbane based headshot and personal brand photographer

brsbane professional headshot and personal brand photograph

Britt is a Brisbane based headshot and personal brand photographer. she specialises in natural, fun, fresh and contemporary photography for small businesses, women in business and larger companies.


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