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Quick and Simple Headshot Posing Tips Anyone Can Do.

Headshots are so daunting! I know because all of my clients tell me that when they turn up for their photos. And I know what it's like to be standing in front of a stranger and their camera pointed in my face asking me to smile. It's so nerve-racking and it feels so unnatural. I really want this process to be easier for you. I want to you go into your headshot session armed with some knowledge and having practiced some easy poses at home in front of the mirror.

Here is an awkward before and a lovely after (of me) to show how simple it really is.

I have put together this video for you so you can see in real time me doing the poses and how easy it is.

Professional Headshot Posing Tips For Brisbane Based Business Women!

Tip #1 - The Gist.

Ok this is important to know before trying out the poses.

Once you have your feet and body at the right angle don't move. Well you can move but don't move from that position, just change up your arms.

This is PERFECT for the quick office headshot session where they only give you 2 minutes with the photographer. Don't try and bust out all the moves, keep it simple and get the angle right. It's all about the angles.

Tip #2 - What is the perfect angle?

So apparently 45 degrees is the most flattering angle to stand in front of the camera. I don't like to stick to that because who the heck knows what 45 degrees is when you nervously facing the camera??? All I know is you can go too far. You know when you have gone too far when you can see your tummy bump (for all of us out there who are cursed with a tummy you know what I mean). Personally I shift my body just a fraction from the camera. Check out my video again to see I don't move very far but it's enough to give me some shape and not highlight my tummy. PRACTICE this in front of the mirror please! You'll thank me for it later.

Tip #3 - Step one foot back

This seems confusing but it's not. The foot that is furtherest away from the camera - step it back a LITTLE. Just enough that you can put your weight on that foot. The foot closest to the camera should be free to move around. When you do that it changes your shape, gives you curves and sends your hips back a little.

Tip #4 - Turn your face to the camera

Now it's time to keep your position but turn your face towards the camera. I like to keep my shoulders at the same angle as my body but feel free to play around with this. One photo have your shoulders towards the camera and the next photo facing the same way as your feet.

Tip #5 - Lean into it

Now I want you to go back to the before and after headshots I posted at the beginning. Can you see that the second photo I have less of a double chin? That's because I am leaning towards the camera.... Just a little. Not a crazy amount. It's subtle, like everything in posing, it has to be small, slight, subtle. So many times I have seen clients over exaggerate a request to drop a hip, bring their chin up a little because they are nervous. That's why it is really good to practice before your session so you can see how small the movements really are.

Tip #6 - Don't move!

Like I said at the beginning, this is the basis for all your poses. Get this right and you can pretty much do anything you want (within reason haha). Keep that pose but change up your arms. Use your outfit! Do you have pockets? I love pockets but the dress I am wearing in the video didn't have them so I used my jacket, watch and hands. Keep your elbows bent always and you'll be fine.

You got this!

In summary:

  1. Get the right angle to the camera and don't move

  2. Step back with one foot (the one furtherest from the camera) and put your weight onto it. Push your hips back slightly

  3. Bend those elbows, again not too much (we don't want chicken wings)

  4. Lean in a touch (I'm talking 2cm) to the camera to help with the old double chins

  5. Change up your arms, use your outfit, pockets etc

I really hope this has helped you feel prepared for your company headshot session (the awkwardest of all the sessions, mainly due to the speed of them) practice these moves in front of the mirror. It will feel weird at first but honestly you've seen my awkward mug do it so you know that you can too but hopefully with me standing on the other side of the camera cheering you on!!!!!



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