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My Favourite Portrait! (September)

Ok these are not just headshots or personal branding images. They are portraits of people I have shot over my career for different reasons. Because I am really a portrait photographer and that's what I absolutely love. People. Whether you are sitting behind a desk, on a city street, in the long grass outdoors my goal is to produce an image of you that shows who you are. Sometimes I even surprise myself with the images we produce together, like the image below.

Here is my favroutie image of the month and I hope you love it too.

Introducing Monique


The particulars:

Who: Monique is a nature bather. I know, I had to look it up too! Monique says it better than me. "Nature bathing is a mindful way to support your health and wellbeing, connect with nature, and wash away the stresses of the modern world — no water necessary! Inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, it involves slowing down, and immersing yourself in nature in a conscious and contemplative way."

Why: New business and website! Monique needed some images that would capture who she is and what she loves about her job. She needed enough images to use across Instagram, Facebook and her Website.

Where: North Brisbane

When: 2021

Why do I love this portrait so much?

Oh Monique how do I could the ways in which I love thee?

So to be honest with you I could have chosen so many faves from this shoot. It was that perfect. Monique took all of my advice including, hair, makeup, location, time of day, multiple outfits. She was so organised and enthusiastic about the photoshoot. Don't get me wrong she was nervous like anyone else. But she totally trusted me and the results speak for themself. You NEEEEEEDDDD to check out her images from the shoot we did. She TOTALLY NAILED IT AND STILL IS ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE SHOOTS SORRY FOR SHOUTING BUT I CAN"T HELP IT!!!!


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