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Do you need Professional makeup for your photoshoot?

Hi I'm Amy from The Eco Makeup Bar

Amy Hughes - Owner or The Eco Makeup Bar in Bardon. My go-to makeup artist.

Should you invest in professional makeup for your personal branding session? Yes! Why? Because you deserve it. Not only will you benefit from a professional makeup application that will look like you. You’ll enjoy the confidence boost and ‘decompression time’ with our friendly makeup artists.

Confidence boost

We like you to look like you because that's who your ideal client is expecting to see when they meet you. How many times have you met someone in real life and was not the person you were expecting to see after stalking their website and socials? Keeping your branding images up to date means you’re keeping yourself current and being true to the person you are now. Not that person from a headshot 6 years ago. It’s a worthy investment and an experience you’ll feel great walking away from.

Makeup not to’s

At The Eco Makeup Bar we rarely talk about what you shouldn’t do, we are more about ‘no rules’ when it comes to makeup and ‘do what makes you happy’. There's a few simple tricks to learn for makeup for photography. Although I go on about wearing SPF everyday I recommend you leave it at home today and pop it on later if you are out and about. Usually its flash photography that causes the dreaded flashback issue. Generally in natural light you don't have to worry but it could make you overly dewy and light reflective. For that reason it could make your photographer's job a little more tricky in post production.

More is more, until it isn't.

I get it. You want to look like you but a professional polished version. When you’re doing your own makeup it’s sometimes hard to achieve the right level of ‘done’. I find the clients that come in for personal branding makeup are much happier to trust in the process and love the results. I highly recommend putting yourself in the expert's hands so you can relax and enjoy the experience.

Be you

If you wear a statement pink lip on the daily, don't all of a sudden go for a neutral. Be you is the biggest piece of advice for choosing makeup for any occasion including your personal branding shoot. As makeup artists we aren’t about changing your style, messing with the system or altering your look. But choosing the right techniques, colour matching your true tones and giving you a makeup look that will translate as well on camera as how good it makes you feel.

White Coat Syndrome

Have you heard of that? When your blood pressure jumps up as soon as you arrive at a doctor or a hospital. I felt the same. Rocking up to photo shoots at stuffy and opposing studios. Big bright lights, huge studio walls and that camera lens. Eek. That’s why I started Heart Centred Creative. To be a calming, welcoming, safe space for your personal branding shoot.

The Eco Makeup Bar, based in Heart Centred Creative in Bardon, is all about chilled vibes, fun and empowerment. Join our monthly pop up shops, private workshops, or confidence boosting makeovers. Amy combines 10 years in the makeup industry with a passion for empowering you to love and understand how to use natural makeup. Amy is also a natural beauty writer where she specialises in real talk that resonates read more at


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