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A Personal Brand Photoshoot with Sam from Sauc'd LownSlow

Hey it's been a very busy few months and my blogging has taken a bit of a back seat, sorry about that. This is a very special Blog post today. This is my good friend Sam who is an amazing cook and maker of spices. You can view his products here. His business has gone gang busters of late, people of Brisbane and beyond are loving it. We are so proud of Sam and what he has accomplished from his home in Herston Brisbane. He is a true family man and lover of good food. Aren't we lucky to have him as a friend :)

a father and cook showing his children how to present food at the dinner table
Sam from Saucd LownSlow preparing dinner with his kids at Chingee Creek

Sam asked me to take his Personal Branding photos for a full rebrand. I took his photos a few years back and although he loves them the kids have grown up and his business is maturing. He needed some beautiful, relaxed, outdoor country vibe images of him cooking, hanging with his family and friends. Showing what he is all about. Here is a selection of photos from our shoot together hope you enjoy looking at them I am personally so proud of what we did in a day at Chingee Creek. What a gorgeous location for photos of Sam cooking and entertaining. If you would like the details of this magnificent home please send me an email I would be happy to share it with you.

Sam is from Brisbane but he wanted his Personal Brand Photoshoot to be in the countryside with his family as it best suited his branding. This spot was absolutely gorgeous, couldn't of picked a better location for his photoshoot!

Thanks Sam for family for having us we had a ball!!! Wish you all the best with your business. x


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