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My Favourite Portrait! (March)

Ok these are not just headshots or personal branding images. They are portraits of people I have shot over my career for different reasons. Because I am really a portrait photographer and that's what I absolutely love. People. Whether you are sitting behind a desk, on a city street, in the long grass outdoors my goal is to produce an image of you that shows who you are. Sometimes I even surprise myself with the images we produce together, like the image below.

Here is my favroutie image of the month and I hope you love it too.



The particulars:

Who: Molly

Why: Molly was just 16 years old when I met her, she was already an actress and model just starting out in her career. I met her and her mum in Hampstead Heath and we wandered around chatting and stopping to take a photo here and there. It was such a lovely relaxing afternoon.

Where: Hampstead Heath, London

When: 2014

Why do I love this portrait so much?

Many many reasons. Hampstead is my favourite park in the world and I miss it dearly. I used to meet my clients there regularly and the images we took there are some of my favourites still today. This wasn't a shot Molly asked for. This was for me and she was really happy to get a bit creative that afternoon. As a photographer it's important that sometimes we break out of our usual routine, deep down we are creatives and that is usually what drew us to photography in the first place. We can get stuck and bored in our jobs if we don't schedule time to fill our creative bucket, so to speak. So that day I made sure I experimented with film and double exposures because it was something I was fascinated in and boy was I happy I did. Love this image so much to this day. Bx


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