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Your Corporate Headshot Photographer - Brisbane

Have you ever tried to take your own headshots for your team and they turned out terribly. Don't take it personal, office lighting is hideous and it does not matter how good your camera is you will NOT be able to achieve what I have shot below (The Results) without a good lighting set up.

If you need Corporate Headshots and are based in Brisbane I can come to you!

Three reasons why you need professional lighting for your company headshots?

Tip #1 - Professional Results

Your Corporate Headshot is often used on your company website and on professional platforms like Linkedin. If you look at my examples above the one on the left looks like I got my friend to take a photo at home and the one on the right oozes "I am serious about my job so I paid for a professional photographer". Am I right?

Tip #2 - Ambient Light, your enemy

headshot in really bad lighting

I took a photo before I turned on my lights just so you can see what ambient lighting does to a subject. Also it might answer why you have tried to take photos at work and have struggled to get a flattering photo. Light from above creates harsh shadows and dark circles under the eyes. Yuk. Also you can see in the photo there is a pink hue, that is because the camera is picking up the ambient light (basically the light above me and the light coming in from the windows which is reflecting the colours in the room) all of this light makes the photo look dirty and the white backdrop not so white. It doesn't matter how expensive your camera is, good light is key to a flattering portrait.

A very average photo will always be average. No amount of editing can change that.

Tip #3 - Consistency is key

professional headshots brisbane

Corporate Headshots are all about consistency. If you are using these portraits on a company website they need to all look the same, like they were taken on the same day. This is only achieved with professional lighting because ambient lighting changes throughout the day. It's actually quite a simple set up and the results speak for themself.

I am here to help

If you need clean, quick, consistent and professional headshots for your team give me a call. I can come to your office and I promise it will be painless.


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