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A Personal Brand Session with a Videographer - Brisbane

Mr nice guy Aidan was a delight to photograph!!! Seriously what a lovely down to earth person he is. Someone you would absolutely want to do your video (lets face it, videos are daunting!), I feel confident that he would make you feel very relaxed if you booked him for your videography needs.

Photographer: Branding By Britt

Location: Mt Coot-tha Brisbane

Client: Aidan from Compass Videography

Photoshoot Objective

Aidan is launching his new business and website this year and needed some personal brand & headshot images that summed hip up as a videographer and his passion - dirt bike riding.

Personal Brand Photoshoot Process

Aidan booked me for a one hour session and we met at Mt Coot-tha. This meant that Aidan had to be very organised on the day so he had a 'shot list' ready to go and props. We certainly got a lot out of one hour.

The Results of the Photoshoot

Aidan was so relaxed on the day. He really trusted me to do my thing. Because we had already discussed what he needed and were able to consult the shot list on the day the images show a very cool looking videographer doing what he loves. His website is also great, well done Aidan!


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