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A Personal Brand Photography Session with a Website Designer


She's a Website Designer based right here in Brisbane! Isn't it great to have local talent to call on when needed. Cass booked my full Personal Branding Package which includes absolutely EVERYTHING you need to make your photoshoot a success. This session includes hair and makeup, a studio, your very own personal stylist and me. Not only that but I will do all the arranging for you, you just have to show up on the day. Honestly you can see in these images that Cass was super dooper relaxed and we got the max amount out of our 3 hours together. Well done Cass can't wait to see your new website! Bx

Photographer: Branding By Britt

Photoshoot Objective

Cass is creating a brand new website for her business and needs gorgeous fresh, fun and unique images to fill her website and social media.

Personal Brand Photoshoot Process

Cass booked "The Complete Package" for her photoshoot. This meant that Britt did all of the organising and booking in of Hair, Makeup, Personal Stylist and Studio space. It meant that on the day Cass was completely relaxed and could get the most out of her session! Win Win.

The Results of the Photoshoot

Cass was amazing. She prepared fully for the shoot, she had a shot list on hand and Pinterest Board ready to share with me. The photos are actually some of my all time favourites ever and I hope you agree with me too.


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