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A chat with Kacey - Marketing Manager

Here are some words from Kacey at Market a Communications Manager in Brisbane about her Headshot / Personal Brand Photoshoot with me. What she enjoyed and what helped her feel prepared and relaxed on the day.

Headshot of a marketing executive
Kacey - oh hey! Creative

Photographer: Branding By Britt

Hair & Makeup: The Eco Makeup Bar

Tell me in a nutshell what you do

Social media marketing that flips the script on success. Our digital and social media marketing gets your small business seen by the right customers at the right time.

Why did you hire Britt to take your portraits?

I loved that Britt not only had an amazing and clean style that I was drawn to, but I also loved that I could have everything in the one place. The mini photoshoots included location, hair, makeup and a photographer which really took the stress out of planning, PLUS as someone building a new business it was a great way to take that step into professional branding photography without the larger investment of a full day shoot.

Were you nervous about your photoshoot? How did you feel on the day?

I felt so at ease on the day! Britt was so amazing to work with and I loved that she gave direction and suggestions as well as looked at my mood board and what I wanted to achieve from the day. I think the images speak for themselves - Britt nailed it!

What helped you prepare for the shoot?

The Pinterest boards were definitely a help. I was able to stalk other photoshoot in the same location and really get the most out of the hour we had together.

Did your photos live up to your expectations?

Beyond!! Everyone is still raving about them... and the results speak for themselves. Just look at my gorgeous website!!

Do you have any feedback about your experience?

I just loved the whole day. It was so well organised (and re-organised with covid). Communication was excellent and I just love the images I received. I will be back in the new year for sure to do som more updated images.

What is one tip you would give someone starting a new business?

Book an express headshot session today! The express sessions are just perfect for someone starting out or even if you just need some refreshing of your images for a season or event. They say you should always invest in the business you want to be before you are there, and having professional photography is so important for the overall image and visual branding of your business.

And here are the results of good communication and excellent preparation...


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