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A chat with Amy - Makeup Artist and Studio Owner (Brisbane)

Here are some words from Amy Hughes (from Heart Centred Creative Studio and The Eco Makeup Bar) about her Headshot - Personal Branding Photoshoot with me. What she enjoyed and what helped her feel prepared and relaxed on the day.

Photographer: Branding By Britt

Hair & Makeup: By Amy herself - The Eco Makeup Bar

Studio Space: Amy's space at Heart Centred Creative Studio, Bardon

Tell me in a nutshell what you do

We are a studio based in Bardon, north Brisbane, that we hire out to other big hearted people looking for a chic space to claim their own for anything from two hours to more.

Why did you hire Britt to take your portraits?

Because she is amazing, love the natural approach to photos and editing. Plus you make me feel super comfy and remind me to smile a little :)

Were you nervous about your photoshoot? How did you feel on the day?

Always! But I feel uplifted after it with that feeling you've really done something good to invest in yourself.

What helped you prepare for the shoot?

Planning outfits and doing some research into the pics I wanted to achieve.

Did your photos live up to your expectations?


Do you have any feedback about your experience?

Britt you are amazing at what you do. You seem to make it effortless to get a good photo. You always inspire me. I'm so glad you love our space as much as we do.

Some extra kind words from Amy (thank you!)

Keep on going and know what a formidable photographer and person you are. You are so loved and appreciated - I hope you know that x

And here are the results of good communication and excellent preparation...


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