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Personal Brand Photography for Truffle Farmers in Ballandean QLD

Well it's not every day that you get to spend a weekend with Truffle Farmers in the Granite Belt of Queensland! When Maple, one of the owners, got in touch I jumped hopped and skipped at the chance to spend the weekend with them. Honestly I love meeting new people and hearing their stories of how they started out in their business.

Maple & Ben showed me around the farm with Bens parents who are also part of the business and let Barry the Truffle dog show us where all the yummy ripe truffles were. It was fantastic and I would highly recommend visiting their farm one day they are awesome hosts.

Photoshoot Objective

Maple got in touch because they needed new up to date images for their Website and some more Social Media content. She wanted to include the whole family because it is a family run and operated business after all.

Personal Brand Photoshoot Process

The goal of the day was to show what it would be like on a truffle hunt with the family and Barry the truffle dog. So I followed them around the farm while Barry sniffed every French oak tree to check if there were any fresh ones. He would simple tap his paw on the ground to let Ben know there was a winner just under the soil. So awesome to watch.

The Results of the Photoshoot

We were able to get some really lovely personal branding photos of the family working and also some portraits of them together. Their website looks amazing and it has been so nice to see their images pop up on Instagram too.


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