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Don't do these 3 things before your Personal Brand photoshoot...

So you are thinking of booking a Personal Brand or Headshot Photoshoot and you don't know where to start? That is totally ok, most of us have never booked one of these before so it's ok to feel a bit overwhelmed. The last thing I want is for you to feel that you didn't get the most out of our session together it is an investment in money but also in time of which we don't have a lot of. So I have written this little Blog Post to help you better prepare for you day and get the maximum results from your images. Hope it helps! Bx

The following is what NOT to do for your Personal Brand Session....


I don't know about you but my office does not look like this (stunning picture above). It looks like every other office/spare bedroom/laundry deposit area/ironing room etc etc. The reason why studios are so worthwhile is that you walk in and it's ready to go. No tidying, no worrying about what's happening in the background. Not only that but your photos look superbly professional! And you are the focus of the image and not the kids toys in the background. It's a small investment yes but it's well worth it, you won't regret hiring a clean bright space for your photos. Your website and designer will thank you.


Oh this one makes me very sad. Honestly. You go to all of the effort of preparing for this photoshoot, amazing outfits, beautiful studio and lovely props. You've forgotten that this shoot is about you, the face behind the brand. This is your opportunity to show up and look professional for your business. I know you don't normally wear makeup (if I had a dollar) but cameras like makeup and how we look in a mirror and in digital are two very different things. You need to trust me and your makeup artist / hair stylist on this one. Remember you are going to have these photos for a long time, let's make them the best version of you!

Do yourself a favour and book Hair and Makeup for your photoshoot. Consider it no-way-jose-non-nogotiable and I might cry if you don't, no one wants to see me cry (my makeup might come off).


This might seem quite obvious but it's something I didn't know about when I started my business and now and again I come across it with my clients. We get all excited about getting photos to fill up our website, we forget that we need the website first. It's not until we have the bones of our website we know what images we need. So if you book me first you run the risk of not having the exact images you need to fill your website with. It can be a very frustrating experience and an expensive one. So my advice to you is ask your website designer for advice on photography and if you don't have one of those create your website first without images and then get in touch with me. It's an easy mistake to make.


I hope these three things have given you something to think about and it helps you prepare and get the most out of your session! I am also here via phone or email if you need some guidance.



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