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Is Your Instagram Feed Embarrassing? Be Honest.

Does it matter if your feed is a bit sloppy?

A beautiful example of an Instagram feed
Sarah Luthy - Brisbane Florist and Business Coach

It might seem obvious but

your instagram feed says a LOT about you and your business and you WILL be judged quite quickly by it. Harsh I know but it's true.

If you are on the fence whether to hire a professional photographer for your Social Media / Branding Photos then here are some pretty good reasons why you should just do it.......

4 Reasons Why You Need To Think About Your Social Media Appearance...

Fun and smiley personal brand photo of a PR Expert in Brisbane
Eve - PR Expert

1. BRAND IDENTITY: What does that mean?

It means whatever photos you put up on social media become what people think about you and your brand. It's subconscious and it's quick. Seems harsh but we are visual creatures after all and when we want to spend money on a product we want to give it to people we think are up to the job and look professional.

Beautiful headshot of a nurse in Brisbane
Anna - Emergency Nurse and Public Speaker

2. TRUST: Why is that important?

Professional looking images and well thought out feeds show our customers we are serious about what we do and committed to delivering quality. It's about consistency at the end of the day. If our customers see we care about our brand appearance then they will naturally conclude that we will care about our product. Hence forth creating trust, confidence and credibility! Aka Anna giving us the loveliest genuine smile, who wouldn't want her looking after us in an emergency?!

Pilates instructors in brisbane, Albany creek.  Personal Branding Image
The Team at Pilates Studio 64

3. STORY TELLING: Real photos reach the heart

Emphasis on real. I am talking about photos of real people, you and your team on your social media and website. We are in an age now that our customers can spot a Stock Photo (even the notion) a mile away! Use beautiful unique images to tell the story of your business, show behind the scenes. The goal is to create a connection, stand out from the crowd and engage with your customers.

A woman holding her phone looking at social media.  Personal branding photography by branding by Britt
A Real Person Holding a Real Phone

4. USER EXPERIENCE: The difference between a rude shop assistant and a friendly one. We may not remember what we bought but we certainly will remember how we felt about the experience.

How our online presence looks, how genuine we come across, how consistent we are all creates an experience for our customers. The better the experience the more likely they will purchase and the more likely they will come back. Better still, tell all their friends.

Enough Making You Feel Bad

Just kidding! I am passionate about this subject of course it's what I live and breathe daily. Have a look at my IG and you judge for yourself (be kind). What I know is you don't have to spend thousands on good photography. Some of my clients are starting out and only have a small budget. They have booked me for an hour, planned the heck out of that 60 minutes and got SO MUCH bang for their buck they are still using their images a year later. It's possible no matter what your budget is!


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