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A chat with Jen from Skincare Business Foundations

Here are some words from Jennifer Rudd about her Personal Branding Photoshoot with me. What she enjoyed and what helped her feel prepared and relaxed on the day.

Eve, PR at Eden Consulting smiling at camera
Introducing Jen from Skincare Business Foundations

Photographer: Branding By Britt

Hair & Makeup: The Eco Makeup Bar

Client: Jennifer Rudd from Skincare Business Foundations

Tell me in a nutshell what you do

I'm a Skincare Business Mentor and compliance queen. I help aspiring skincare entrepreneurs build a wildly successful and compliant business.

Why did you hire Britt to take your portraits?

Britt was recommended to me as being "the best in the business" by Amy who owned the studio I wanted to do the shoot at.

Were you nervous about your photoshoot? How did you feel on the day?

Yes I was feeling a bit nervous prior to the day as I really wanted to nail the shoot. Once I met Britt I felt more relaxed and knew it would be a fun shoot.

What helped you prepare for the shoot?

I brainstormed my outfits prior to the day, and worked out what extra props I wanted. Then I tried everything on and took photos of each outfit so I could refer to these on the day, along with the Pinterest inspo photos I'd saved.

Did your photos live up to your expectations?

Yes - 110%! They exceeded my expectations. It was difficult to select the final photos and I ended up purchasing some extra ones as I couldn't pick between them.

Did you hire a studio and was it worth the extra cost?

Yes definitely - the studio was the perfect environment to get the light and airy photos I wanted to achieve. It had so many different spaces we could use to get a diverse range of photos.

Do you have any feedback about your experience?

No I found it all great thank you :) Process to choose the photos and download them at the end was very user-friendly.

What is one tip you would give someone starting a new business?

Starting a business can be hard - but you don't have to do it alone. Find a support network or someone who's been there, done that - it'll be easier and way more fun than going it alone.

And here are the results of good communication and excellent preparation!


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