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A chat with a Brisbane Videographer

Here are some words from Aidan from Compass Videography in Brisbane about his 1 hour Headshot / Personal Brand Photoshoot with me. What he enjoyed and what helped him feel prepared and relaxed on the day.

Headshot of a marketing executive
Aidan from Compass Videography - Brisbane

Photographer: Branding By Britt

Location: Mt Cootha, Brisbane

Our goal for the photoshoot

To produce images for Aidan's new website. He wanted relaxed, natural photos of him doing what he loves (riding his bike in the bush and shooting video). Aidan brought two outfits for the photoshoot and his camera gear along with his bike gear. We produced a mixture of headshots and personal brand style photography for social media and website.

Tell me in a nutshell what youdo

I'm a newly created solo videography business, endeavouring to film events, sport, promotional, real estate and more.

Why did you hire Britt to take your portraits?

I love supporting local business where I can and Britt ticked all the boxes. Relaxed, well priced, professional and the photos are beautiful!

Were you nervous about your photoshoot? How did you feel on the day?

It felt a bit strange being on the other side of the lens! Although I had full faith in Britt's direction and technical ability. Once we started talking it was pretty chill, nice to chat shop with others in the creative industry.

What helped you prepare for the shoot?

Knowing exactly what is needed to be filmed prior to the day is crucial. We had a plan and we were able to tick every shot off the list in around an hour, including 1 wardrobe change.

Did your photos live up to your expectations?

Above expectation, I'm a bit camera shy and always feel a bit dorky in photos. Britt was able to direct in a way that made myself look natural and photogenic.

Do you have any feedback about your experience?

10/10 would be shot in a forest again :P

What is one tip you would give someone starting a new business?

Branding, web presence, know what you are selling and have confidence in your plan!

And here are the results of good communication and excellent preparation...


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