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Brisbane Headshot Photographer at your service

Are you looking for some new Headshots for your Website? Social Media? Linkedin profile? Have you done some googling and only found boring awkward photography? Is that why you are currently looking at my Blog? So happy to have you here thanks so much for reading this post in fact. You see for a very long time I was sick and tired of seeing business portraits (sounds better than headshots doesn't it!) that didn't have any personality. No pizzazz. No wow factor. Too serious. Just literally a photo of someones head. No thanks. For years now I have been perfecting the perfect Headshot for my clients. Getting an idea of who they are, what they need from their photos and then helping them achieve that with a great location, professional hair and makeup, their clothing choices and our connection. Below are a few examples of headshots (or business portraits as I like to call them) that I absolutely love because my clients shine in every single one.

Thanks for reading!

Britt x

Wanna know the key to absolutely beautiful headshots and personal branding photos? Ok I'll let you in on a secret. It's team work... and it's a combination of factors.

See all of the beautiful ladies in the gallery above? Well the reason whey they all look so amazing is because they listened to my advice on how to get the most out of their session with me. They all did the following...

  1. They booked me! They checked out my website they knew what style I offered and they loved it. It's important that you love the style of your photographer and that you have done your research before booking.

  2. They booked in Hair and Makeup straight away. If you are considering not having your hair and makeup done ask yourself often do you have your portraits taken for your business? Once in a long while right! So why not look amazing and feel a million bucks for your photoshoot? Let someone professional help you to do that and I promise you your photos will shine.

  3. They hired the gorgeous studio at Bardon called Heart Centred Creative. Have another look at the portraits above they are bright, vibrant, clutter free and happy because they have good lighting and a neutral backdrop. We can go out onto the street and I am happy to do that with you but you cannot get the same results from the street as you can from a well lit photography studio.

It's an investment yes I understand that. But it's worth it. Your business and your photos are worth the extra investment. Personal Brand Photography and Professional Headshots need to stand out from the competition, you have one shot to grab your customers attention and show yourself as professional and contemporary. Do it with gorgeous natural light and professional photography.

Hope this has helped! I am always here if you need to drop me an email.

Thanks for reading

Britt :)


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