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Branding session with Bobbi Frances - Brisbane earring designer

This is Kat from Bobbi Francis, the fun, colourful, bright earring designer in Brisbane.

Kat is one of those people you are instantly drawn to. She has the ability to make you feel so warm and protected, someone you could say anything to. She's a really unique beautiful person. She also has a hilarious sense of {dad} humour and seriously cracks herself up all the time..... That actually makes you laugh a lot even if you don't think dad jokes are funny {hahahaha sorry Kat, sometimes I'm laughing at you}.

Kat needed some fun and colourful personal branding photos for her website and social media so we found this gorgeous pink house in Redcliffe called "The Pink Bungalow" it was the PERFECT cute location for Kat and her quirky earrings. She got some fun loving girlfriends together and had a ball just hanging out and showcasing her designs. What a day we had, I think you can see how much fun we had in the photos.

Thanks Kat I will cherish these images for a long time! All the best with your business, not that you need it... YOU ARE KILLING IT! Bxxx


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