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A chat with Clare - Brisbane Graphic Designer

Here are some words from Clare at Leoca Design in Brisbane about her Headshot / Personal Brand Photoshoot with me. What she enjoyed and what helped her feel prepared and relaxed on the day.

Headshot of a marketing executive
Clare using her photos beautifully on her website!

Photographer: Branding By Britt

Tell me in a nutshell what you do

Integrated graphic design and brand strategy services focussed on simplicity and intention.

Why did you hire Britt to take your portraits?

Loved the idea of a quick 45 minute photoshoot for those not wanting hundreds of photos to choose from! The venue for the shoot was perfect for my branding vibe and colour palette.

Were you nervous about your photoshoot? How did you feel on the day?

I was quite nervous just prior as I've never done anything like this before, but I was as organised as can be and knew I was in capable hands. On the day Britt was very welcoming which calmed by nerves straight away. She gave me excellent tips on posing and locations within the studio.

What helped you prepare for the shoot?

Definitely researching poses and outfits for the shoot. Putting together a pinterest board collated all my ideas and helped narrowing it down to 5 shots, I found that the images I had picked were easily filed into a small photoshoot. All the communications I received from Britt immediately answered any questions I may have had.

Did your photos live up to your expectations?

Absolutely! They were bright and fresh, modern and simplistic which was exactly what I was looking for.

Did you arrange Hair and Makeup and what was your experience?

No I didn't, but if I ever do this again I will - I really wasn't having a good hair day! lol

Do you have any feedback about your experience?

I loved how easy and quick it was. The only feedback would be to to a minute hair and make up check half way through. I think my lipstick was half off during the second half of the shoot.

What is one tip you would give someone starting a new business?

Don't overthink it and just dive straight in head first!

And here are the results of good communication and excellent preparation...


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